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Kalibo is the old town and the capital of the province of Aklan. Aklan is in Panay Island and Aklan is the center of handloom weaving if Region 6, where the famost piña cloth and other blend handwoven cloth are weaved. Aside from Boracay Island, known as Paradise island famost for its white sand and the popular Atiathan festival wich make Aklan known, piña weaving gives also fame to the province of Aklan. Piña weaving is the oldest industry in the province of Aklan which enjoy economic success in producing variety of piña cloth wore by Very Important Persons (VIP) in the Philippines. Handloom weaving has always been a traditional craft in a number of regions in the Philippines. It has great prospects as an industry, it is Labor intensive also very tendious and requires patient, and utilizes indegenous material which is abundant in many region particularlly in the province of Aklan. The legacy of handwoven textiles started from the Philippines ancestral trives and has been part of their culture and family life which handed down from generation to generation. Weaving is one the the sources of living of the people of Aklan particularly the barrios of old and new Buswang, and Bakhaw Sur it also gains market in foreign countries but niche one.

La Herminia Piña Weaving Industry located at Old Buswang Kalibo, Aklan was established in 1996. Duly license manufacturer/trader of hand woven piña cloth,piña-silk, abaca-cotton-silk, piña bastos-abaca-cotton and fine abaca cloth. It is a single propriotorship, own and manage by the entire family from production, product research development to the marketing. It started with three weavers-the owner, Herminia and she teaches her son and daugther-inlaw. Back to the old generation, grand parent - Dominga and Claudia Tumbokon, Rosario Menez, and Severina and Magdalena Lachica were weavers. Infact they handed more than hundred year old handwoven cloth. That hundred year old cloth had been revived. La Herminia Piña weaving industry as a small scale industry with approximately 85 weavers and supported by an indirect production group of about 250 person. The Company cares so much with the environment. All the material use are natural fiber from pineapple, silk cocoons, abaca and cotton and the fabric are color with vegetable dye. The company also preserve the cultural heritage, all the process are done in traditional method from manual extraction of fiver to weaving, but it is also kept innovation in processing without sacrificing the quality. Multi harness looms are being adopted to produce more intricating design like the traditional method, which called pili or sinuksuk.


Herminia Tumbokon - Owner
+Alfredo Tumbokon Sr. -Consultant
Alan Tumbokon - Production Manager
Nelda G. Tumbokon - Production Research and Development
Arlyne Tumbokon - Marketing Mnager
Amelo Tumbokon - Asst. Marketing Manager
Edgar Cornito - Designer
Alfredo Tumbokon Jr. - Asst. Production manager

What we do …  

            Pina, Pina-silk, abaca, abaca-raffia fabric

What we have …

            Organic dyed and undyed pure pina/pina-silk fabric, shawls, scarves,gowns, barong,place mat and table runners, fans, bags, pina-silk w/ sinuksok (inlaid design) cloth, cushion cover, hand embroidered pure pina/pina-silk cloth, abaca-silk, abaca-cotton-silk fabric spun silk shawls, abaca ticog place mats and table runners, curtain panels.

Our Clients …

            Top local fashion designers, exporters, local department stores and international interior designers.

How we became what we are now …

.   *       DTI assisted us through:

~          Product Development

.     extended by PDDCP designers in connection with the company participation to the NFT
.     extended by Mr. PJ Aranador, internationally acclaimed designer & CITEM consultant for the Manila FAME show   
      and Aklan Fiber Festival

      ‘     New Prototypes executed: 72
                        Pure pina/ Pina-silk/spun
                        Pina-silk shawls
                        Cushion covers
                        Fashion Accessories

15% of the prototypes shown in the domestic and international fairs generated interest both from old and new buyers.

~          Marketing Assistance

Participation in the domestic and international fairs, trade referrals, bridal fairs, market matching with subsidy from the advocate of Philippine Fair Trade, Inc. (APFTI)

Domestic Fairs
Kalibo Ati-atihan Products showcase
Aklan Fiber Festival
Expo 6
National Trade Fair
Congressional Spouse Trade Fair
Source-It Trade Fair
Wedding Expo
Aninag Fashion Show

International Fairs
Source – IT, Interstoff Asea Spring, Hong Kong – March 2005 & 2004 (with GTEB subsidy)
New York Home Textiles Show – October 2004(with GTEB subsidy)
First Philippine Solo Exhibit in Shanghai, China
March 2003 (with PhilExport Subsidy)
Manila FAME Show  -          

October 2002
April 2003
October 2003
April 2004
October 2004 (w/ APFTI subsidy)
April 2005
October 2005
April 2006
October 2006 (w/ APFTISubsidy)

The company started its exports December 2002
                        ~          Participation to the Manila FAME Show in October 2002 and
                                    April 2003 kicked off the export marketing of the company.

Export Markets: USA, Hong Kong, Japan, France,South Africa, ASEAN United Kingdom

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